Do's & Don'ts at the Hazel Park District Library
...homework or any other productive fun activities.

...explore and have a good time.

...ask librarians for help finding resources and information.

...use a secure lid with your drinks at the library.

...display appropriate behavior while using the computers.

...keep your hands to yourself. friendly and respectful.

...use the areas with chairs when in the library.

...use the teen area upstairs, the Quiet Room, or the J Fiction area.

...share the Quiet Room and the teen area.
...use the library to goof off.

...use the library as a gym. Please no not run, jump, wrestle, or partake in any other horseplay inside the library. a distraction to others while they are trying to work.

...leave a mess; throw your garbage away.

...overcrowd, eat, drink or run around while using computers.

...hit, punch, grab, or touch anyone inappropriately. rude. Think before you speak.

...sit on the floor or tables.

...use the Storytime area which is reserved for young children.

...use the Quiet Room or the teen area as your private gathering space. These areas have open access to anyone in the community while we are open.
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